Zeus Shine Wax - Synthetic Super Shiny Car Wax

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Zeus Shine Wax is now available

Our brand new fully synthetic Wax gives an amazing shine & great water beading - long lasting paint protection!

If you love Zeus Shine Juice then you will love Zeus Shine Wax it even smells like Zeus Shine Juice

Images from our customers @concensio @farrel.7 & @rs_azzaw after using our wax

see more photos @spartacarcare on instagram

zeus shine waxzeus shine wax concensio


zeus shine wax mustangBeads after using Zeus Shine Wax

Carbon Bonnet

Now includes foam applicator and high quality Microfibre for buffing 

Zeus Shine Wax simply makes your car shine better than new and it will stay cleaner and shinier for longer!

Get yours now!

Now available in 2 sizes 

50ml enough to wax your car 2-3 times 

200ml enough to wax your car 8-12 times 

only a very small amount is needed to achieve a great shine and amazing beading

Zeus Shine Wax - long lasting protection and an amazing shine.

Zeus Shine Wax Instructions

For best results make sure any previous waxes are removed first, polish car and use a panel cleaner to remove any polish residue.

Easy application simply wipe on using a foam wax applicator, only a very thin layer is required

we recommended applying to whole car & then buffing - avoid direct sunlight 

leave for around 5 minutes and buff off using a plush micro fibre cloth, gives an unreal shine and great beads and water sheeting..

being a fully synthetic wax it has a low temperature melting point store the wax in a cool dry place & keep in the shade to keep cool 


if you are finding the wax hard to remove you have used too much - a very small amount is all that is needed in a very thin coat