Xiphos Spartan Snow Foam Lance Cannon 750ml

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Xiphos Snow Foam Lance Cannon

750ml snow foam lance compatible with Karcher K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 Jet Washes....

Ideal for use with our Hephaestus Citrus Pre Wash & of course Aphrodite Snow Foam 

Simply adjust the yellow dial to adjust the amount of snow foam and adjust the black nozzle to adjust the spray pattern, to find your ideal settings.

Spartans Ready - Spartan warriors carried a short sword called a Xiphos. This secondary weapon would have been employed if the crush of battle rendered a hoplites spear useless or if it was broken. Among most Greek warriors this weapon had an iron blade of about two feet (.6 m), however the Spartan version was typically only 12-18 inches. The Spartans shorter weapon proved deadly in the crush caused by colliding phalanxes formations were it was capable of being thrust through gaps in the enemies shield walls and armour were there was no room for longer weapons. The groin and throat were favourite targets of the tenacious Spartans.