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Introducing our brand new Show Car Wax 

Thea Show Car Wax

This wax is incredibly easy to apply & remove 

even if you get caught in a light rain shower at the show. This is still really easy to remove. 

If you want your car to be the shiniest at the Show then Thea is for you!

even though it’s classed as a show wax Thea can last anything up to 3 months depending on conditions.

We believe Thea is quite simply one of the shiniest and easiest to use waxes available in the UK today.

Instructions for Thea car show wax

Only a very thin layer is needed, apply one panel at a time. Allow to dry to a haze and then simply buff using a microfibre cloth for a super shiny show winning finish. 

About Thea

Thea was a Titan goddess, more commonly referred to as the goddess of shining elements. She was associated with shining metals, shining jewels or shining light. She was also known as the goddess of sight and the Greeks believed her eyes were beams of light, helping them see with their own mortal eyes. She was one of the twelve Titans and like her famous sisters Phoebe and Themis, she was also associated with the gift of prophecy and had a shrine in Thessaly.



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