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Eros Ceramic Wax - Ceramic Coating Si02 Car Wax - Eros from Sparta Car Care adds super hydrophobic protection and an Amazing Shine!

Just some our customer reviews!

Simon F.
5 star rating
Amazing product fantastic Ceramic shine!
As a bit of a serial car wax buyer I thought I would give Spartacare ceramic wax a go. It’s a fantastic wax which is so easy to apply and smells amazing. As per the instructions leave it a couple of minutes and it is really easy to take off and provides a really lustrous shine. Water beads of this product really well which is important with the am

ount of rain we are all getting at the moment. A really great product at a good value price which can hold its own with the major brands out there. Top product which I will buy again!

5 star rating
This stuff is insane probably the best wax i've ever used really easy and easy wipe off great beads and gloss
Stuart L.
5 star rating
Fantastic stuff
If Carlsberg did ceramic wax this would be it.... Easy on and effortlessly to take off.. The water beading is second to none.... It smells amazing... Be buying plenty more of Sparta car care product's..

our customers love Eros, you will too or your money back! 

Eros simply makes your car shine better than new and it will stay cleaner and shinier for longer!

Get yours now!

50ml enough to wax your car several times great value @ £14.99

only a very small amount is needed to achieve a great shine and amazing beading

hydrophobic Si02 Ceramic Wax Coating - long lasting protection and an amazing shine.

Eros Ceramic Wax Instructions

For best results make sure any previous waxes are removed first, polish car and use a panel cleaner to remove any polish residue.

Easy application simply wipe on using a foam wax applicator, only a very thin layer is required

we recommended applying and buffing one panel at a time

leave to dry to a haze and buff off using a plush micro fibre cloth, gives an unreal shine and great beads and water sheeting..


if you are finding the wax hard to remove you have used too much - a very small amount is all that is needed in a very thin coat