Aspis Spartan Shield - DIY Ceramic Coating

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Introducing our brand new Car Care Product Aspis Spartan Shield

Protect your car from the elements with it's very own Spartan Shield.

Have you wanted to get your car ceramic coated but have been put off by the cost or have been worried about doing it yourself? Aspis is the ideal product for the Weekend Warrior it adds a flexible Ceramic Coating which protects your paintwork and adds an amazing shine & slickness.

This is very easy to apply similar to applying a wax, see instructions below

We recommend using Zeus Shine Juice Ceramic for maintenance.

This versatile product can also be used to top up or refresh an existing Ceramic Coating. The bottle contains 100ml product which is enough to coat an average size car twice.


Apply to a coated or uncoated vehicle to boost protection or as a stand alone sealant for up to 12 months protection.  

Atomize a small amount of product over one panel at a time before spreading with the application sponge provided.

For best results use a Crosshatch method to spread the coating before allowing to cure for 5-15 mins in a cool shaded area.

Remove using a short pile microfibre towel or similar before a final wipe down with a plush buffing towel.

once applied leave for 12 hrs to fully cure.

Aspis can be layered for longer protection after a curing time of 12 hrs. Can also add Eros Ceramic Wax on top and use Zeus Shine Juice Ceramic to maintain.


Aspis may cause irritation to eyes and skin, always wear gloves when using chemicals.

If irritation develops stop using right away and wash the affected area with cold soapy water or eyewash if in eyes.

Seek medical advice if the irritation develops into a rash or becomes painful.